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Bridal Kitchen prepared by expert culinary house wife’s provides hundreds of user-friendly and great-tasting recipes from all regions and cultures of this extraordinary country. All our food preparations are crafted with care and handle with utmost hygiene to ensure your well being, our mindfully curated menu ensures unique food experience in the comfort of your home, bringing you all time favourite preparation from Bridal Kitchen.

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The uniqueness of our website is the handwritten traditional recipes which are from an old diary of recipes belonging to mothers and grandmothers that hold flavors that remind you of your childhood. If the next generation isn't interested in cooking then all the old traditional recipes will be lost in time. To keep them alive, we have come up with an idea of publishing the authentic recipes directly on our website with English translation. If you would like to pass down yours or your family's traditional recipe, you can upload it to our website and let thousands of people view it. To upload your recipe, select a category, upload an image, write about the dish and click submit. Your recipe will be viewed by the users of our website and as of now, they are only in Telugu but in the future, we will be adding recipes in multiple languages.

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Millet’s are gluten-free, highly rich in proteins, fiber, minerals, and vitamins and has good antioxidant contents. These are the traditional grains that are now less used in our daily diet. We serve the usage of millets regularly which helps to keep fit & healthy. Millets are the favourite among people who are into healthy conscious eating. House of millet has been formulated to cater to those who have health conscious and believe food should be natural, the way nature intended it.